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How We Can Help


Personal Help

If YOU need help, know that you aren't alone and that there is help available.  Here is what you can do.




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Family & Friends

If a friend or loved one is thinking about suicide, he or she needs professional help, even if suicide isn't an immediate danger. Here's what you can do to help.


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Education / Awareness

We can all help save lives from suicide with Education and Awareness.  Add tools to your toolbox of knowledge by educating yourself on what to do. 
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Experiencing Loss

If you’re looking at this section, then you, or someone you know, has lost a loved one to suicide. We are so sorry for the impact that this has caused you and that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time.

Ways to Help

  • Using Your Voice

    Your Voice, Our voice, Many Voices are needed to prevent Suicide. Use your voice to speak out and create change to save lives!  

  • Get Trained in Suicide Prevention

    Know how you can make a difference and save lives by taking one of our evidenced based programs for suicide prevention.

  • Suicide Safe Your Home

    Remove unused firearms and safely store/lock/disassemble firearms kept in your home. Lock up medications that may be taken by a person in crisis.

Support Our Cause!

Help us continue to save lives by donating to our organization. Please help us support our efforts!


Get In Touch

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Who We Are

Suicide Prevention Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps people who are in need of preventative suicide assistance

Suicide Prevention Alliance is a resource organization ONLY. We are NOT a hotline or counseling service/center. However, if you are in a crisis and need immediate help, please contact the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline and call 988 or chatline at You can also reach out to the Crisis Text Line and text 741-741 or contact 911.