Pennsylvania Suicide Prevention Task Forces

The task force is comprised of representatives from several organizations whose mission it is to bring awareness to and break the stigma of death by suicide in Allegheny County, facilitate and provide connections to trainings as well as to community and national resources, identify and support individuals most at risk of death by suicide, and provide specific culturally sensitive support, resources and trainings for individuals and families of all communities.


The mission of the Suicide Prevention Task Force of Armstrong County is to reduce the risk, stigma, and occurrence caused by suicide in Armstrong County by way of education and increased awareness through collaborative efforts of community agencies, service providers, and community advocates. The Task Force will also provide support and assistance to those who have suffered as a result of suicide.

Contact Person:  Michelle Seaman

It is the vision of the Berks County Suicide Prevention Task Force to save lives by eliminating suicide as well as actively working to reduce the stigma of mental illness in Berks County. Berks County will become a community that is compassionate and willing to embrace and support individuals who are affected by mental health concerns. The task force will accomplish these goals through education and advocacy to the community.

Contact Info: Holcomb Crisis Intervention
Crisis Intervention Hotline: 888-219-3910

The Blair County Suicide Prevention Task Force was established in October 2004 under the auspices of the Blair County Mental Health Office.  The task force consists of representatives from various entities with the mission of stopping suicide in Blair County.

Contact Info: Jacque Harpster: 814-889-2149
Crisis Intervention Hotline: 814-946-2141

“Through advocacy, education, prevention, and postvention we will work to eliminate suicide,” is the mission of the Bucks County Suicide Prevention Task Force. Its overarching goals are to reduce stigma, increase the number of individuals seeking help, support individuals who have lost loved ones to suicide, and decrease suicides in our county.

Contact Info:  Marci Kelly 215-348-2940 x1720
Crisis Intervention Lifeline: 800-499-7455

The Suicide Awareness Task Force strives to prevent suicide, and to provide education and resources to help those who struggle with depression, survivors of suicide, and those who have lost loved ones to suicide.

Contact Person:  Jackie Eppler
Phone: (724) 284-5114

Our mission is to help prevent suicides from happening in our community and save lives through empathy, education, and crisis intervention.

Contact Info:
Kate Gavin
Katrina Perkosky
Crisis Intervention Hotline: 877-268-9463

Our Mission is to facilitate access to quality behavioral health and developmental services that empower individuals and families on their journey toward independence and wellness.

Monroe Office-Stroudsburg (570) 421-2901
Carbon Office-Lehighton      (610) 377-0773
Pike Office-Milford                (570) 296-6484

We advocate for prevention, intervention, and compassion treatment strategies that lead to a future free from suicide.

Chester County Suicide Prevention Task Force’s mission is decreased suicide through increased awareness and education in the community. CCSP Task Force collaborates with the community to develop suicide prevention strategies and works to reduce the risk, stigma and occurrence of suicide in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Contact Info: Email:
Crisis Intervention Hotline: 877-918-2100

Clarion County Coalition for Suicide Prevention is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.  Our focus is suicide prevention, awareness and education.  We provide help and hope through college campus and high school events, suicide crisis hotlines and other educational programs.  Depression is treatable.  Suicide is preventable.  Join and support our Clarion County suicide prevention efforts today.

Crisis Intervention Hotline: 814 226 7223

The Clearfield – Jefferson Suicide Prevention Team is dedicated to achieve our Mission to reduce the occurrence of suicide within our two county areas. The Team wants to achieve our Mission by promoting awareness and prevention by offering programs to the community at large. We want to be able to provide prevention, intervention, and postvention trainings to any and all groups from the faith-based community to the business community.

If you have any questions, please go to this page

Clearfield/Jefferson Crisis Lifeline: 1-800-341-5040

The Crawford County Suicide Task Force  is committed to helping children, teens and adults at risk for suicide, as well as families and communities affected by suicide, through education, advocacy and support.

Contact Info:
Crisis Intervention Hotline:  800-315-5721

A workgroup of concerned citizens & organizations working together to prevent suicide through education and awareness in Cumberland & Perry Counties

Contact info:
Crisis Intervention Hotline:  717-763-2222 or 717-243-6005

Our mission for suicide prevention is to support those who are having thoughts of suicide, those who have been impacted by suicide, (attempting or losing a loved one to suicide), and to collaborate with the community and its leaders by increasing awareness, reducing stigma and providing data-driven education and techniques to prevent suicide.

Contact info: or 717-329-2723                                                  Crisis Intervention: (717) 232-7511 or 1-888-596-4447

The Delaware County Suicide Prevention Awareness Task Force (DCSPATF) functions to reduce the loss and suffering caused by suicide and suicidal behavior. The Delaware County Suicide Prevention Awareness Task Force is in the business of prevention, intervention, and post-intervention program implementation, facilitation, and promotion. The Delaware County Suicide Prevention Awareness Task Force offers information and education about, and assistance and support to, efforts to lessen the incidence of suicide and the stigma associated with suicide and suicide loss.

Contact Us:
Delaware County Crisis Connections 855-889-7827

Contact Info: Regina Donkers  724-430-1370
Crisis Intervention Hotline:  724-437-1003

The Franklin/Fulton Counties Suicide Task Force goal is to align resources and work together to improve the health and well-being of all Franklin county residents. Through the utilization of data, we can integrate practices and coordinate improvements that will provide collective impact, leading to positive change.

Contact Info:  Noel Purdy
Crisis Intervention Hotline: 717-264-2555 or 1-866-918-2555

Contact Info:  Brandy King, Suicide Task Force Coordinator
Phone: (724) 463-8200 ext. 2
Crisis Intervention Hotline:  877-333-2370

The Juniata Valley Healing Connections is a team of concerned community members in Huntingdon, Mifflin, and Juniata Counties dedicated to raising awareness and the existence of suicide in our community and committed to reducing the impact of suicide through prevention and education efforts, as well as providing a community of support for those who have been impacted by the loss of a loved one.


The mission of the Lancaster County Suicide Prevention Coalition is Partnering to eliminate suicide by inspiring hope through education and advocacy. Our Vision: A responsive, compassionate community that inspires hope and strength and promotes the well-being of everyone.

Contact info:
Crisis Intervention Hotline: 717-394-2631

The Lawrence County Suicide Prevention Coalition is committed to educate, destigmatize, and increase awareness of suicide in Lawrence County. Our vision is to raise awareness of suicide prevention and eliminate potential suicides.

Initiated in 2008, the mission of the Lebanon County Task Force is to develop strategies to reduce the risk of suicide and provide education to the community of Lebanon County through the collaborative efforts of service providers and agencies.

Contact Info:
Lebanon County Crisis Lifeline: 717-274-3363

The Suicide Prevention Coalition (SPC) of Lehigh County is a backbone organization that supports social service organizations, communities and other groups concerned about the rising number of deaths by suicide.

Contact Info: Allison E Frantz, MPA   email address: 

Crisis Intervention Hotline:  610-782-3127

The mission of the Mercer County Suicide Prevention Network is to collaborate without community to reduce the risk of suicide through education, advocacy and support.

Contact Info: Tracy Auell or Anna Shears at 724-662-1550
Crisis Intervention Hotline:  724-662-2227

Providing awareness and education about suicide to the Monroe County community through outreach efforts in order to build a voice and decrease suicide.

The mission of the Montgomery County Suicide Prevention Taskforce is to develop and implement strategies to reduce the risk of suicide in Montgomery County through the collaborative efforts of community agencies and service providers.

The Montgomery County Suicide Prevention Taskforce is able to offer FREE and LOW-COST suicide prevention trainings appropriate for any group (educators, nurses, neighbors, friends, hairdressers, law enforcement, family members, librarians, public safety, and many more). Contact our Training Coordinator (Erin Lewis, 610-278-1238) for more information.

Contact Info:
Montgomery County Mobile Crisis   1-855-634-HOPE (4673)

The Northeast Suicide Prevention initiative's (NSPI) mission is to prevent suicides in our community by advocacy, collaboration, and education. NSPI works with local, state, and national organizations advocating for legislation, policies, and practices that ensure competency skills for citizens who affect suicide prevention. NSPI funds support survivor healing and prevents suicide by decreasing the stigma for mental disorders and by increasing resources for clinician education. NSPI is a committed grassroots organization run entirely by volunteers and survivors who believe suicide can be defeated.

Email address

The Philadelphia Suicide Prevention Task Force (P-SPTF)’s mission is to work toward zero suicides in Philadelphia. This mission will be achieved through collaboration of all stakeholders and by engaging in a coordinated and integrated approach across the city.

Contact Info:   856-656-3392
Philadelphia Crisis Intervention Line   215-686-4420

The mission of the Suicide Prevention Task Force is to prevent suicide through public education and awareness, community action and local grassroots advocacy. The Task Force was originally formed in 1996 as a response to statistics that indicated we had one of the highest suicide rates in the state. In 2004 the Task Force underwent structural changes and opened membership to community members and agencies. In April of 2021, a community awareness campaign was started in an effort to reach all demographics of our County. Today, the Task Force consists of a large group of dedicated individuals working together to raise awareness and educate the public that suicide is the most preventable death.

Contact Info: Grace Coffin at 570-628-1759
Crisis Intervention Hotline:  877-993-4357  Text #63288, Chat

The Somerset County Suicide Prevention Task Force is a volunteer based coalition comprised of mental health professionals, agencies and loss survivors who work together to provide education, support and resources to the community.

Contact Info:  Michelle Younkin:
Crisis Intervention Hotline  1-866-611-6467

Wayne County participates with the Northeast Suicide Prevention Initiative continue to be all volunteers meeting monthly to coordinate formal clinical and community suicide prevention trainings and survivor activities. We heartily support and collaborate with other suicide prevention groups in our communities and join with them for community events such as the Survivor Picnic.

Contact info:
Crisis Intervention Hotline 570-253-0321

Formed in 2005, Ray of Hope is Westmoreland County’s Suicide Awareness and Prevention Task Force. We are a collaboration of human service, educational, and government agencies committed to raising awareness and preventing suicide in our community.

Contact Info:
Crisis Intervention Hotline: 800-836-6010

The mission of the York County Suicide Prevention Task Force is to empower communities to provide suicide prevention, intervention and response to suicide attempts and deaths, in order to reduce the number of suicide deaths.

Contact Info:
Cindy Richard 717-819-0586

Crisis Intervention Line   800-673-2496


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