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This quick guide helps clinicians and other service providers address suicide and suicide prevention in patients living with substance use disorders. It covers risk factors and warning signs for suicide, core competencies, and information for administrators and clinical supervisors.

These training guidelines were designed to advance the competency of the broad clinical workforce—including nurses, social workers, physicians, and mental health professionals—in serving individuals at risk of suicide.

TeamHealth is actively working to combat the high rate of suicide and increasing rate of burnout among healthcare professionals. We are committed to offering resources to prevent suicide and shed light on this often stigmatized topic.

Black Therapist of Central PA is a network of therapists of color striving to create a space to help bridge the gap between those unique mental health needs of the black community and access to licensed and pre-licensed mental health professionals.


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Who We Are

Suicide Prevention Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps people who are in need of preventative suicide assistance

Suicide Prevention Alliance is a resource organization ONLY. We are NOT a hotline or counseling service/center. However, if you are in a crisis and need immediate help, please contact the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline and call 988 or chatline at You can also reach out to the Crisis Text Line and text 741-741 or contact 911.